Media Riot (PC )

6 players online 2022

Developed by Freya Games, Media Riot is a multiplayer role-playing game.

Choose your media, impose your editorial line, Collect - Process - Disseminate your information, debunk your competitors, that's what you have to do with this role-playing game that is played vocally

they talked about it

Media Riot is presented at the EMI colloquium in Roubaix on media education by Cyriac Gousset and Vincent Dagneaux during PANEL 3 which took place on Friday, December 2.
Document of the event available below :

C. Gousset — PhD student, Sciences Po Toulouse, ATER at Sciences Po Aix, attached to the LaSSP X.Lalu — Immediate training center V.Dagneaux — immediate training center) Understanding the practical logic of journalistic work through play. 
A feedback on the production of a sociological game.